September 22, 2017

802.11n 4×4 MIMO reference design

Quantenna has introduced 802.11n 4×4 MIMO chipset, which is capable of providing 600Mbps data rate.  This will be capable of streaming multiple Full HD(1080p) streaming.  It suport IEEE 802.11n 4×4 feature set as follows

  1. dynamic digital beamforming,
  2. mesh networking
  3. wireless channel monitoring and optimizing.

Because of these feautre it can perform better than the legacy 802.11 by 25 dB and 5x the coverage area.

About Quantenna Communications, Inc.

Quantenna Communications, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company developing standards-based 802.11n MIMO chipsets that deliver the highest levels of performance, speed and reliability for wireless networks and devices. Headquartered in Fremont, Calif., Quantenna has assembled a management and engineering team with a long track record of start-up success, and is backed by leading venture capital firms, including Grazia Equity, Sequoia Capital, Sigma Partners, Southern Cross Venture Partners and Venrock Associates. For additional information, please visit